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IMPORTANT - Advertiser/Customer must provide a 300ppi .png image with or a link to your YouTube video to be used in this advertisement. is a localized business directory that offers affordable and effective advertising to companies of any size. We can provide high quality video production to companies that do not currently have one. For more information, email or check the box below.

Terms & Conditions: Advertiser/Customer understands that occasionally the web site will be offline due to maintenance, power outages, etc., and will not hold provider liable for lost time. It is recommended that Advertiser/Customer review their Directory ad monthly for any issues that impact their ad. If video production is purchased, ADvantageous Media Partners owns the produced video until this agreement is fulfilled, unless paid-in-full at time of signing agreement. Advertiser/Customer can opt-out of agreement after 24 months without penalty fees. Video production discount (if taken) will be voided with $100 balance due upon early cancellation.